It is a very beautiful thing if you can memorize the Bible or just a few verses of it to chant it for someone who needs it or just quote it in times of need. Although, it may take some time and much of practice to memorize the verse from random bible verse , but then it is doable thing. With the below mentioned steps it will become easier to memorize a verse:

  • Firstly, select the verse that you desire to memorize.

  • Slowly and steadily try to exercise your brain it will give many benefits but then it will also make it easier for you to memorize the verse.

  • Understand the meaning of the verse as specified by Lord, do not interpret it as your understanding, but ask God to reveal the meaning of the verse.

  • Read the verse and write it down on a paper again and again. Doing this step the verse will become easier for you to learn the Bible. This simple activity will make it easier to recall the verse. Learning verse by writing is easier as compared to learning it by reading.

  • Before sleeping again recite the verse and then it will be a part of your daily life and you will be able to memorize it.